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The first cathechetical symposium of the Archdiocese of Belgrade was held on the theme „Parish as a Living Community of Worship” in February 1978. In this symposium His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch German took part with several bishops, all the clergy from the Archdiocese, professors of the Theological Faculty, students and seminarians. The main thesis of this symposiium was that only through the liturgiical life of agiven conmunity we can transform and transfigure every and each individual believer as well as our contemporary secular society.

The first lecture was presented by Bishop Daniel of Marcha on the theme: „Parish as a Church in Miniature”. The second paper was read by Hieromonk Athanasios Yevtich: ,Liturgical Life — the Essence of the Parish Life”. Archpriest Bozidar Miyach gave a paper on the theme: „Liturgy — the Main Factor of Renewal in the Life of the Church”. „The Spiritual and Prayerful Life of the Parish Priest” was the title of the paper by Archpriest Milutin Ranisavlevich. The last paper was read by Hieromonk Amphilochios Radovich: „Liturgical Way of Expounding Cathechisis Its Significance”.





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