Reinhold Lauth

What is Dostoyevsky's message for us today?

translated by: Mira Lalić

pages: 129-137


The Author points to the fact that Dostoyevsky was not only a great writer, but he became even something greataer — a Prophet, like St. Isaiah... He was clairvoyant to see that behind the athiesm of the superficial Englightment the Satanism is hidden. In his novel „The Possessed Ones“, Dostoyevsky in advance depicted demonized leaders of totalitarian regimes of our century.

He bodly applied the Gospel parable about the possessed man to the Russian people: demons left the man and went into the swines (petty writers of left wing orientation), and the delivered Russian people is sitting healed at Jesus’ feet...

Dostoyevsky praised and lauded the humility and endurance of Christ — all the way down, until the Cross.

He called Europe back to Jesus — because there is no other God except Him.

Dostoyevsky knew the secret of the Saints: God is not in the might, but in meekness and righteousness.





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