Fr. Georges Florovsky [Георгий Васильевич Флоровский]

Death on the Cross

translated by: Jelisaveta Silađi / Erzsébet Szilágyi, Monk Serafim Hilandarac

pages: 69-95


This article is translated from Pravoslavnaya Mysl II (Paris, 1928).

The Author plunges himself into the depth of Patristic interpretation of the central Mystery of Christianity — crucial Death of Christ and the transfiguration of His Crucifixion into a Victory of Resurrection.

Over against the Anselmian theory of satisfactio, there is the apophatic approach of St. Gregory the Theologian, who covers the Self-offering Sacrifice of God-Man Jesus with appropriate apophatic awe.

In our baptism we symbolically take part in Christ’s „triduum Mortis“ as well as in His Resurrection. This is, however, not merely a moral „imitatio Christi“, but a sacramental identification with Him, foretaste of the Kindom to come.





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