Teodor Markovich

A contribution to understanding of icon-painters from XVIII c.

pages: 103-112


The icon-painters /zographoi/ as witnesses of hard times in the first half of the 18th Century hand down the memory of Christian spiritual values. They have preserved the essence of the icon: the traditional image of the Saints and thus made intimate to the people the Lord Who abides in His Saints. In this period of turning point for Balcanic Church art, these naive icon-painters did not loose the inherited spirituality of the great mediaeval theological sense for Tradition. Inspite of the decorative accretions coming from the Roman-Catholic influence, via Russian Baroque, they have not changed the mystical essence of the icons.

In this way the zographoi have been the faithful preachers of Orthodoxy, which has found its pictorial expression in their inventiveness, simplicity and almost childish sense for colour.





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