Father Georges Florovsky

Elements of the liturgy

translated by: Branko Milić

pages: 157-166


The author stresses the living unity of lex orandi and lex credendi as harmoniously expressed in the Liturgy of the Mother Church of the East. »Orthodoxy«, henceforth, means above all »right celebration« or »proper glorification« of God.

»Private prayer« is just a preparation for the community Prayer of the Liturgy. The Eucharist, with the metabolism (change) of Bread and Wine into the real Body and Blood of Christ, is not a shallow memorial, but re-actualization of the Last Supper and of Pentecost.

The unity of the Catholic Church is realized through Communing with One Body of the Resurrected Lord, Who is the only Head of the Church in Heaven and on Earth.

The sermon is a constitutive part of the Liturgy.

There is no opposition between the traditional Ritual and the Spirit, since there is no ecclesiastical Service without Presence of the Holy Spirit.





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