Vladeta Jerotić

Berdyaeff about Christianity and Christians

pages: 25-30


While reviewing the recently published book in the Serbian translation »On Worthiness of Christianity and Unworthiness of the Christians« (published by the Theological Faculty in Belgrad) by Nicholay Berdyaeff, the author follows Berdyaeff’s idea that opposite to the perfection of Christianity and the perfect Godman Christ there is to be observed a tragic imperfection of the socalled Christians. Man’s wild, fallen nature is inclined to corrupt everything, to use everything as means of its passions, to manipulate without any shame with the highest Beauty and the deepest Truth, and in this way to bring itself to the very edge of destruction. It is impossible for man alone to save himself and the world. However, what is impossible for man is quite possible for the Risen Christ and the one who believes in Him.





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