Alexander Kalomiros

The river of fire

pages: 175-199


The thorny problem of »theodicy« is dealt here with proper and due respect to the free-will mystery. The Author stamps out Anselm of Canterbury and all mediaeval Western theologians as tacitly rejecting upon God the responsibility for Hell and eternal damnatuon of men.

The Eastern Christianity held alwaus the patristic teaching that God, being Love, has nothing to do with Hell, which is the invention of God-haters themselves. God shall embrace all men with the uncreated Fire of His Love, and those whose heart is filled with flame of love towards God feel as in Paradise, but those whose heart is filled with icy cold hatred, the very same Fire of the Divine Love is experienced as the unbearable Hell.

Origen could not even imagine the the vertiginous depth of human freedom, when it is about to choose between Hell and Paradise.





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