Hieromonk Dr. Athanasius Yevtich

Repentance as transfiguration of man

pages: 163-173


In the beginning the author speaks briefly about psychological aspect of repentance, and later on he tries to penetrate into spiritual, anthropologic mystery of the sacrament of penitence. The repentance is Christ's commandment, which reveals the esseetial truth of man's need for salvation from sin, that induces man into a state of mortality, into the alienation from God and from himself.

By analysing the first Christ's saying on the necessity of repentance, the author quotes some thoughts of the Holy Fathers, especially of St. Mark the Hermit, indicating that repentance is the very essence of the New Testament, since the Gospel of salvaton and transfiguration of man begins with it.

Repentance is revivification and liberation of man from chains of lies, deception, allienation and death. It is, because of faith and love towards Christ, the beginning of a new life in God, according to the granted grace of Christ. Repentance both antropologieally and theologically, is a palpable truth of a believer's experiencing the salvation and transfiguration, out of which experience all the tragedy af the fall into sin death is visible which represents alienation of man from God, from himself and from the others. The best proof for it is to be found in the parable on the Prodgial Son (Lk 15, 15—24).





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