Hieromonk Amphilochios Radovic

On the mystery of Christ's Cross

pages: 153-161


The author speaks first about the meaning of Christ's Cross in general and analyses the verses of St. Paul in 1 Cor. 1, 18—24. Furtheron he quotes the commentary of St Gregory Palamas concerning the typology of the Cross even before Christ, in the Old Testament, especially in the pericopes on Abraham and Moses.

Afterwards he elucidates the mystery of the Cross, which was completely revealed with the comming of Christ. The Cross became the way and power of Christ the Saviour, »sign od Son of man«. For us, Christians, the Cross is the mystery of self-denial and at the isame time of freedom and resurrection. The Cross is »foolishness« for the Greeks and »scandal« for the Jews, because it involves self-renouncement and self-sacrifice, but for us Christians it is the only way to reach fulness of life.

The author analyses also Christ's words in Matth. 10, 38 on »loosing« and »finding« of one's soul and life eternal through and by the Cross of Christ. The Cross is the power of God, the token of God's perpetual presence and saving sacrificial love and philanthropy.

Whatever exists is the gift of Love since it contains the mystery of the Cross as a sacrificial love.





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