Deacon Milan Kovacevich

Veneration of St. Stephen the First-Crowned

pages: 131-136


The author describes the veneration-cult towards the relics of St. Stephen the First-Crowned which developed in the Monastery of Studenitsa already in the 13th C., after the undecayed body of the defunct King was exhumated and placed into a special reliquary. The saintly King, during the long Turkish occupation, has been the bright and miraculous sign and symbol of Serbia’s royalty, statehood and freedom. She never knew the strife of investiture, because the first Archbishop of Serbia and the first King of Serbia were two brothers — St. Sava and St. Stephen, who gave an example of cooperation between the two powers.

Karageorge (beginning of the 19th C.) prayed before the relics of the Saint Ruler to intercede for the Serbian poeple fighting for the liberation. Peter I did the same.





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