Milovan Markovich

The relations of St. Theodore of Stoudion with Rome

pages: 111-120


The author critically evaluates the article of Jean Gouillard entititled »L’Eglise d’Orient et la primaute romaine au temps de Ticanoclasme« ISTINA, 2 — 1978. St. Theodore upheld the theory of »pentarchy« (the conciliar authority of the five Patriarchates: Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem). In times of crisis and iconoclastic persecution in Byzantium, St. Theodore’s appeal to the Pope of Rome did not imply in his flowery, hiyperbolic epistles addressed to Rome, any juridical recognition of papal primacy. His only and supreme criterion for the whole Church’s hierarachy (Roman Pope included) was the right apostolic Faith, i. e. Orthodoxy.





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