Hieromonk dr Atanasije Jevtić

Father Justin Popovich and the Patristic Tradition

pages: 95-110


At first the author gives the definition of the term »father« in the Orthodox Holy Tradition: one who lives in the Holy Spirit, be it as an illiterate desert father or as a highly educated ecclesiastical writer — Church Father.

Father Justin Popovich combined in his struggle both types of patristic life style.

Holy Tradition is a living testimony of the Holy Spirit, uninterrupted Revelation and proclamation of the Good News in and by the Church.

Father Justin has proved by his life and writings to be the conscience of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and even much wider. He has stigmatized the ambiguities of the Ecumenical Movement. His »Dogmatics« bears a subtitle: »Orthodox Philosophy of Truth«. He described the universal history of Mankind as being shaken by three disasters: the Fall of Adam, disobeying God; the Fall of Judas, betraying Christ, and the Fall of Pope, claming to embody the infallible Tradition of the Church. Pope’s one-sided interpretation of the Holy Tradition is the first example of an individual who arrogates to himself a right to comment and interpret the Bible on his own authority, disregarding the established consensus of the Holy Tradition. By this individualistic behaviour the Pope would have been the »first Protestant^ (According to Homiakov).





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