Velimir Hadji-Arsich

Theology and tradition

pages: 69-79


This is a paper presented at the International Theological Consultation held at Chambesy n. Geneva (June 1982) on the general theme »Theology in the Church and in the Worlds«.

In his study the author starts with the analysis of the Kontakion dedicated to the Church Fathers, where the main content of the Orthodox theology and Tradition is concisely exposed. And that is the »Great Mystery of Piety«, which includes two basic Christian dogmas, two- fundamental facts of Christian faith: theologia which deals with the Holy Trinity and oikonomia which exclusively deals with Christ’s Incarnation and the role of the Church.

These two truths are at the same time the content of the Holy Tradition and of the true ecclesial theology, and for that reason theology and Tradition must never be separated, because they indivisibly coexist in the Church, they are both a touch-stone of veracity for each other as well as mutual guardians of total Truth.





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