Velimir Hadji-Arsich

Jesus Christ as the only saviour of the world in the Orthodox thought today

pages: 49-68


Considering in the beginning the latest Western, Roman-Catholic and Protestant, influences on the Orthodox theology of salvation (Anselm’s juridical theory of satisfaction), the author presents some examples of liberation of the Orthodox thought from those Western influences (Dostoyevsky, P. Svetloff, Metropolitan Sergius Starogorodsky, Metropolitan Anthony Hrapovitsky).

Further on, he expounds the renewal of the Orthodox theology (which is known as neopatristic), especially in Russia as well as in other Orthodox countries.

As the most prominent examples of the neopatristic Orthodox theology, especially in soteriology (the teaching about Christ as the only Saviour of the world and men), the article renders soteriological teachings of Fr. George Florovsky and Fr. Justin Popovich, and then of younger Orthodox theologians: that of Christo Yannaras and John Zizioulas. At the end he deals with the contemporary Orthodox thinkers and theologians in the Soviet Russia, whose testimony to Christ as the only Saviour of the world and men, after their own experience, acquires a special significance today.





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