Zharko Vidovich

Logos — liturgical consciousness of orthodoxy

pages: 43-130


The author points to the growing interest for mysticism among the youth. He speaks about the experience of the Indicible, which is poetically described by the prince, bishop and poet Peter Petrovich Negosh of Montenegro in his poem »The Rays of microcosm*.

The author evaluates the whole development of Western philosophy as the enslavement to the magics. The only liberator from the magics is Christ Jesus, the Incarnate Logos.

The Serbians had the experience of this liberation through the heroic sacrifice for Christ in the hattle of Kossovo (Blackbirds' Field) in 1389.

This sacrificial commitment of Kosovo constitutes the Christian meaning and orientation of the history of Serbia. That is her anticipation of the Resurrection in Christ.

In the deputh of the affective life one experiences the freedom of his own person. For the mystery of freedom feeling is more important than the reason. Through the feeling we instinctively discern Good from Evil. However, only through the Revelation of Christ we can exactly discern Cod's mystery of salvation from Satan's mystery of injustice.





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