Hieromonk Amphilochios Radovic

Mysticism of the theandric realism

pages: 27-41


Chtistianity is based on the mysterion of the Person of God-Man Jesus Christ, in Him is revealed not only the fulness of the life of God, but also the fulness of the life of the world and the historical man in it. Therefore, if we should talk about Christianity as mysticism, we aught to stress that Christianity is mysticism of the thean- dric realism or the mysticism of the Holy Spirit.

Any kind of extinction or depersonalization of God, or of man is incompatible with the Christian conception of reality. In contradistinction to the magical mysticism of the naturalistic, polytheistic and gnostic kosmogonies (among them belongs also the mysticism of materialism), which could be called also the mysticism of an ontological chaos and eschatological »Black stars«, Christianity is based on the mysterion of the trinitarian communion of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Man and all the creatures are destined to become sharers of the mysterion, however not through violence or necessity but through freedom.

The possibility of communion between God and man, according to the Orthodox understanding, is based on the distinction between the essence of God and the energies of God. God by his essence is incommunicable, but through His energies He offers himself in communion to the created beings.

According to the author the true mystic is characterised by hummility, and the false one by self-delusion and pride. He emphasises also that man is called to the new qualities of life, by acquiring the Holy Spirit. Where is the Holy Spirit there is freedom. Therefore is Christianity against any kind of violence.





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