Ivan Maletić

The Historical Significance of the Uprising of Maccabees for the Jewish People

pages: 605-626


Biblical history describes freedom of choice between good and evil, life and death, blessing and curse, because everything a person or people do, they do it in the face of the All–Seeing God – the Just Judge, but merciful Savior of his servants and his people. Age of Maccabees is undoubtedly a new stage in Jewish life after the Babylonian exile, because warfare of brave Maccabees is warfare for the Law. In this work, we will see, through biblical and historical overview of these events, that the historical significance of the uprising of Maccabees for the Jewish people is in the fact that they managed to keep their faith and cultural identity and by that got a certain form of statehood gained after centuries of loss of state, and that in memory of the cleansing of the temple they introduced holiday „Hanukkah“, known as the Festival of Lights.







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