Mirko Tomasović

Person and Work of an Orthodox Exegete of the Holy Scripture

pages: 577-604


On the basis of our research, we conclude that the secret of the knowledge of God is the base on which dynamic biblical hermeneutics is founded, which simultaneously restores and deepens itself. Orthodox biblical hermeneutics, as the event of experience and living of the truth, tells us about new life of the Christian in Christ in whom the death is defeated.

The Holy Scripture is not interpreted by a man (exegete), but by God-Man Jesus Christ Himself, who reveals the secret of His words to the man. It is clear that God of knowledge is Lord. Unless the God does not interpret His words, exegete will in vain search for the meaning of the written word of God. Orthodox biblical hermeneutics clearly testifies that Christianity is not a religion of Book and contemporary methods of interpreting the Holy Scripture are just helping devices and not a way to gaining Truth, and they cannot resist the life. a way of the Orthodox exegete is the way of personal relation with God-man Jesus Christ and a communion with Trinitarian God.

Duty of the Orthodox exegete, as the new divinized personality and servant of truth, is to follow Christ as the only authentic Exegete and the only true ‘’Method’’ which leads towards truth, because He is destroyerof the dead letter and sender of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the lodestar that leads, moves and inspires the biblical interpreter to speak, testify and expose what the Holy Spirit revealed to the biblical writers. Without the Holy Spirit the interpreter of the word of God would never come to the truth, because the human mind is insufficient for understanding the Holy Scripture.

Being of the special importance for understanding our topic is the fact that every man who understands and interprets the Scripture differently from the sense in which it is written by the Holy Scripture, could be called heretic. Thus, orthodox experience is the fruit of the announcement of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the experience of the truth.

If Orthodox exegete as the witness of the true faith succeeds to perceive the Christ’s secret and to prove the spiritual by the spiritual, i. e. to announce and testify by his own life the purpose and the aim of the Economy of salvation and teach others with those things to which he is God-taught, then his name is written on the Heavens.






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