Stevica P. Matko

The Theological Themes in the Opus of Proto–Isaiah

pages: 549-576


Through the description of the prophetic ministry and life of the Holy Prophet Isaiah, along with an analysis of the biblical text, this paper presents the most important theological themes in the work of Proto–Isaiah (Is 1–39).

The prophetic ministry demanded the whole man who had to announce God’s message faithfully, honestly and courageously, because the prophet serves the Word, keeps and proclaims it regardless of the consequences, as can be seen from the description of Isaiah’s life.

The book of the Prophet Isaiah is full of messianic places, and thus some call it an Old Testament gospel. The most important theological themes in the work of Proto–Isaiah are seeing the glory of the Lord and the call to Isaiah to do prophesying (Is 6), and the role of the Lord’s words in the historical event. With God’s permission, from the silent observer Isaiah becomes the participant in Theophany and eventually the doer of what he saw and what he was assigned to him as a prophetic service. From major theological themes there are also religion, justice, the announcement of Christ and the realization of the Messianic time i. e. and the announcement of the Day of the God’s arrival that will be a salvation day for ones, and a doom day for others.

The Holy Prophet Isaiah is significant for the Old Testament theology because he made the history of Israel open to the future, announcing the great event of salvation (the birth of the Child–Son).






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