Jovan Blagojević

Levitical Priesthood in the Opus the Exodus – Joshua – Choice, Consecration and Robes –

pages: 499-522


Within the opus from Exodus to Joshua one of the key themes is of the organization of the Levitical priesthood. These books point out, in addition to services and ranks, the motives for election and consecration. The main elements for sanctification of the Levitical priesthood are victims (associated with all ranks of the Levitical priesthood), anointing and cult clothing (as part of the specific consecration of higher orders of Levitical priesthood). The elements of specific consecration can be linked not only to the priests but also with the imperial dignity. The author of the article suggests that this relationship probably reflects the memory of the ancient practice of joining the priestly and royal role. He, at the same time, points to the particular anthropological insights that make this specified connection possible. The unity of the imperial and priestly dignity in the position of the high priest actually represents liturgical state of the original man in a state before the fall, a man who is an emperor and a priest of the matter and who approaches God in the sanctuary which is microcosm, or in other words, a liturgical state of the cosmos unmarred by sin.





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