Dejan Đuričić

Unholy but Holy, and Other Stories by Archimandrite Tichon Shevkunov – A Literary and Theological Interpretation

pages: 697-712


Book of Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov Unholy but Holy and Other Stories is the cry of orthodox spirituality in an amoral society of XXI century. It was created as the need to express a testimony of the existence of true faith in a sea of different beliefs, religious systems and ideologies, and to show the world that the true bearers and true religion has in every historical period. It is written in simple and accessible style, attracting and refining its expression. The book by father Tikhon is deeply imbued with the orthodox spirituality, and is not only considered to be the „Encyclopedia of Orthodoxy,” but also a guide to one orthodox and sacramental life. In this paper I will try to at least partially perceive novel using the literary as well as the theological point of view, although I know that it is not a simple task and that the „mission“ of the book is primarily found in the contact between „internal“ novelist characters and „outwardly” who live in our time, and are searching for a lost spirituality.





271.222(470)-726.25:929 Шевкунов Т. А.


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