Blagoje Pantelić

Žunjić and Christianity – Relation of prof. Slobodan Žunjić with Christian Faith, Tradition and Theology –

pages: 669-686


The paper explores the relation of prof. Slobodan Žunjić, who is undoubtedly our most important living philosopher, towards the Christian faith, tradition and theology. While exploring that relation, the author used three kinds of sources: (1) Žunjić’s published works, (2) private conversations of the author with prof. Žunjić and (3) testimonies of contemporaries in relation to this topic. This doxographical article can be divided into three parts: the first part contains Žunjić’s personal attitude towards the Christian faith, the second part concerns his place in Yugoslavian philosophy in relation to the Christian tradition. The topic of the third and last chapter is the possibility of the symphonic relationship between philosophy and theological thought.




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