Branko Radovanović

Dialectical relation between romantic and critical school in Serbian historiography in 19th century

pages: 325-338


This study aims to present circumstances in Serbian historiography in 19th c. In this period were two movements among Serbian historians. The first, under influence of Romanticism, leading by Pantelija Panta Srećković, and the other one, based on historical criticism, with archimandrite Ilarion Ruvarac as a main proponent. The matter of discussions and controversies among these historiography movements was in different views on validity of folklore and tradition for historiography, and disagreement about reception and critique of historical sources. We find that these discordance and disputes brought forth a lot of significant stuffs for Serbian historiography: publishing sources, printing of major history books and studies and forming a solid basis for Serbian historiography in 20th and 21st century.





930.2 Руварац И.

930.2 Срећковић П.

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