Ivica Čairović

One Contemporary Research in the Worship in Anglo-Saxon England (597–1000)

pages: 59-70


In this paper are compared two researches (from the 20th and 21st century) in the field of exegesis and understanding of liturgical texts in Anglo-Saxon England: Joseph Jungman’s (1889–1975) and Jesse Billett’s (since 2003, he was engaged in research in the field of Liturgy and Church chanting) that is based on the historical sources. Special emphasis is placed on recent research that is far more comprehensive and includes work on already described historical source. The essence of the work is a scientific review of the book The Divine Office in Anglo-Saxon England, 597–c.1000, by Jesse Billett, with a comparative analysis of Jungmann’s book The Mass of the Roman Rite.





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