Nenad D. Mijalković

Messianism in the Books of Samuel and Kings

pages: 7-28


This paper aims to analyze the messianic idea in the historical books of Samuel and Kings, found in the Old Testament. The messianic idea appears throughout all of the books of the Old Testament and is eventually fulfilled through Christ. To absolutely and properly analyze this subject one must consider God’s revelation entirely. The history of the Old Testament is represented as the history of salvation, and therefore called sacred history, because man enters into a personal relationship with God. Only a few individuals from the Old Testament formed a personal relationship with God, some of them being: King David, Solomon, Ana (Samuel’s mother), and the Prophets Samuel, Nathan, Elijah and Elisha. All of these well known individuals play the connecting role between God and man as they were chosen and assigned to carry out God’s will. Out of the relationship of these God-inspired people and God Himself, the relationship between father and son was manifested and found its realization and fulfillment with the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.






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