Petar Rajčević

Return of Religious Education to Schools in 2001

pages: 571-586


After decades of absence and negative attitude toward it, religious education was „rehabilitated“ parallel with social transformations which took place in that time, and from Nov. 2, 2001 it was practically included again in curriculum for elementary and secondary schools in the Republic of Serbia. At the beginning, religious education was an optional school subject. Soon thereafter (2002) it became the elective school subject, but as a part of the official curriculum. The first religious education lecture was given in the large hall of the elementary school „Kralj Petar I“ in Belgrade. This first religious education lecture, given in the oldest school in Serbia and the historical landmark, situated nearby St. Michael’s Cathedral and the Residence of the Serbian Patriarch, was attended by first-grade pupils, their teachers and the school director, but also by a team of experts consisted of the highest representatives of churches and communions (Minister of Religions), the Serbian Patriarch Pavle, Prime Minister and Minister of Education in the Government of the Republic of Serbia.






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