Boban Dimitrijević

Relation of the Orthodox Towards the Issue of Papal Primacy After the Great Schism

pages: 527-544


In the present paper we deal with the relation of the Orthodox towards the issue of Papal primacy in the period after the Great Schism up until the fifteenth century. Our research has shown that the new rise of papacy had been interpreted differently. In the West, it was generally understood as the legitimate consequence of the development of the early Christian Church structure, while in the East it was considered as a radical revision of the Church structure and organization, due to the papacy being formed as a substantially higher order of authority, compared to bishopric authority. This paper has shown that what happened was a radical discontinuity, which in turn reveals that the rapid development of the papal monarchy from the XI century on can not be understood as a natural development of the organization of the early Church, and as such, despite the temptations of the Lyon and the Florentine Union, it was not accepted in the Orthodox East.






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