Čedomir Rebić

Divine Inspiration of the Psalms of David in Domentian’s Poetics

pages: 723-760


The writers of old Serbian literature were strongly influenced by Psalms of David. Filled with prayer to the Lord, the Psalms introduced the understanding of the mysteries of God and the life of the world.

This paper reveals how Domentian in The Life of Saint Simeon sees the spiritual life in which the ultimate goal is the Kingdom of Heaven. The spirituality of Mount Athos, designed from quotations from the Psalms of David, introduces the understanding of the relationship between man and the Bible; and all life is seen eschatologicaly. By the Psalms Domentian perfected spiritual views and crafted poetic form, which in the creation of the old Serbian literature poetry must be taken as the key phenomenon. Biblical inspiration of Domentian’s narratives leads to the knowledge that every spiritual gift, enlightenment of the mind, the power of linguistic expressibility, comes from God, because „the Lord gives the word“ (Ps. 68, 11) to those who preach the word of God. In the author’s creative sieving is developed the spiritual portrait of an iconographic value. Under the vault of spiritual and aesthetic values arise general places where theological thoughts are directed toward eternal good, eternal truth, eternal beauty; life in Christ.





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