Predrag Dragutinović

Reading Paul with Agamben: Theological Reading of the Philosophical Commentary on the Letter to the Romans

pages: 679-700


In his book The Time That Remains: A Commentary on the Letter to the Romans Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben offers an original approach to the theology of the Apostle Paul, which he creatively connects to the modern political theory. Main topics which Agamben deals with on the basis of Paul’s writings are „time“ and „Law”. Structure, content, methods and key insights of the stated book are presented in the text that follows. The main part of the paper is devoted to one aspect of Agamben’s approach to the epistles of the Apostle Paul as sources. There is a tendency to extend the texts that are attributed to the Apostle Paul (Deutero- Pauline texts) and on the other hand a reduction of the sources (eg. the Epistle to the Philippians) which he handles. It will be shown that the choice of texts affects the key points that the author presents (the Messianic time and the suspension of the Law). In this regard, the operating mechanism of Paul’s thought which is unsystematic, but is rather situational and conditioned by the specific needs of the communities to which he writes is considered.




141.4 Агамбен Ђ.


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