Marina Stojanović

Тhe Usage of the Concept of λόγος in the Prologue to St. John’s Gospel

pages: 661-678


The paper aims to analyze the context of the usage of the concept of λόγος in the Prologue to St. John’s Gospel. In order to explain the potential cause of the usage of this Greek term in the Gospel’s text, it lists a survey of the earlier usages of the same term. A genesis of the concept of λόγος, until its occurrence in the New Testament texts, integrates a plenty of semantic variations of the same lexeme. In the verbal context of the Prologue’s verses the same word obtains one quite new meaning. In the text of the Prologue, logos unites a part of inherited, already existing meaning, and also gets a whole new meaning. Authenticity of this new meaning is implicitly vindicated by the context of the statements in which it appears. From the perspective of the pragmatics and the syntax of the statements, the analysis of actual verses should point out to the content of the New Testaments concept of λόγος.






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