Ignjatije Marković

Autobiography of Proto- Presbyter Dr. Lazar Mirković (Professor of the Old Seminary of Karlovci, Saint Sava Seminary of Sremski Karlovci, and First Professor of Liturgics at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Belgrade)

pages: 435-470


Proto-presbyter professor Dr. Lazar Mirković was both a student and a professor of the old Seminary of Karlovci, professor at the Saint Sava Seminary of Sremski Karlovci, and first professor of Liturgics at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Belgrade. It was through his own example of life within the Church and his tireless work in the field of Theology that he inspired many generations of students, always being ready to give answers to their questions even after they had completed their studies and become priests. His love of Christ gave him strength to overcome the tribulations of life. We have before us his Autobiography which demonstrates his desire and his zeal to be of service to his own and the younger generations. One of the most significant old Serbian manuscripts investigated by him was the Typikon of Nicodemus, which was later to be incinerated at the occasion of the German aerial bombardment of the National Library of Belgrade in 1941; Fr. Lazar Mirković had previously photographed it thus saving its contents for the future generations. During WW2 he copied all the 358 pages of the Typikon hoping that it would be published after the war. However, peace brought about different times and different criteria, and the Typikon of Nicodemus was put to the side. This did not stop Fr. Lazar Mirković from striving to have it published, and to continue studying other manuscripts knowing that their time would one day come.




012 Мирковић Л.

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