Ivica Živković

Instructional Methodology of the Orthodox Religious Education

pages: 139-180


There is something specific in the Orthodox methodology of education which points to the link between communication and methods. Only the revelation of the love of Christ can achieve communication in Christian teaching and therefore fulfill the goal of Christian spiritual guidance. The comprehensive concept of religious education and spiritual teaching should be based upon an integral idea of education and teaching, as much as the development and growth of children. Next, what must be defined is where spirituality and faith really can be found and who their genuine bearers and witnesses are. What is it that catechists can achieve at schools indeed? If there is no room for their authentic expression and spiritual affirmation, teaching itself becomes another source of hypocrisy. Being a catechist nowadays requires a certain honesty that is not common in our society, especially not in schools. The new paradigm in Christian thinking should mean a gradual change of the way we understand the Orthodox religious education. The focus is now being shifted from the technology of education and teaching the Christian doctrine toward communication and nurturing the relation of love in Christ, which itself is educational. Thus, we can justly claim that what is truly and immensely beneficial in religious education is the catechists’ spiritual capacity to think about the non-intentional effects of their acts, words and thoughts.






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