Jovan Blagojević

The Melchizedek in the Old Testa ment Tradition

pages: 33-54


The author investigates the development of the Melchizedek tradition. He first analyzes the present- day reconstructions of the ’historical’ Melchizedek. In this respect, the author tackles the problem of consistency of Genesis 14, where we read about this character for the first time. After that, the author makes an attempt to determine the area where Melchizedek exercised his royal and priesthood duties. The author also focuses on the Old Testament tradition, especially on the Genesis 14 and Psalm 110. He reflects on the etymology of the name Melchizedek, he analyzes the relationship between Melchizedek and Abraham, he also explores the cult model practiced by Melchizedek in relation to the cult model practiced by Abraham. The author then turns to the possible background reconstruction of the Psalm 110, the circumstances that prevailed in its formation, as well as the various possibilities of text dating. The author finally tries to reconstruct the content of this Psalm, to get to the heart of its message, and to highlight the historical, eschatological and messianic meaning of the Biblical text.





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