Nenad D. Mijalković

Understanding of the Holy Sacrament of Marriage in the Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church

pages: 877-896


This paper will present an overview of liturgical – theological understanding of the Holy Sacraments of Marriage throughout history. Explanation regarding the sacrament will follow the appropriate certificates from the Holy Scripture, as well as works of certain early Christian Fathers of the Church. Then, it will be presented relevant theological, sacramental aspects of the Middle Ages, the age of Scholasticism, the Council of Trent, and finally, the Second Vatican Council, where we will leave out the theological thinking of some prominent Roman Catholic and Orthodox theologians of the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony. In this work we put emphasis on consideration of liturgical – theological sense Holy Sacraments in accordance with its ecclesiological, Christological, eschatological, pneumatological and experience in the life of the Church.






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