Goran Mladenović

Theological, Hagiographical and Biographical Interpretation of Psalm 7

pages: 843-860


Modern exegesis of psalms is classified according to their genres. The method by which the psalms are divided by their content and time of creation is no longer so widely in use in their interpretation. However, the division of the psalm by their literary form is not accepted by all theologians, nor did it provide adequate exegetical results that were expected of it. Claus Westermann (1909–2002) professor of Old Testament at the University of Heidelberg, divided the Psalms only in two major groups: theocentric (praise and thanksgiving) and anthropocentric (prayer and lament).

The author is presenting only prayer psalms in the introduction of this study, in a more condensed form, in order to leave more space for a theological, hagiographic and biographic interpretation of 7. psalm, which belongs to this poetic corpus. The enquiry for the author’s personal interpretive context, in which the Psalms are only its exciting image, is one of the primary goals of this short study. That is why it is very important to approach Psalms from the viewpoint of poetic–religious biography, and at the same time to point out how the historical and theological experience takes a poetic form.





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