Jovan Blagojević

Melchizedek in intertestamental tradition – А Contribution to Contextualization of Hebrews 7 –

pages: 815-842


Melchizedek is one of the most mysterious figures of the Old Testament. In the New Testament, he is presented as both a type and an archetypeof the Lord Jesus Christ. The personality of Melchizedek is deeply rooted in the intertestamental tradition. Whether this tradition could be used in the analysis of the Melchizedek. Christology of the Hebrews together with a number of some other messianic passages of the New Testament, remains an open question among the modern day scholars. This is the reason the author of this article begins his investigation with the analysis of the modern day reviews on the subject. Then he points to the testimony of the Judeo- Hellenistic literature on Melchizedek and also to the traditional Judeo- Palestinian teaching on Melchizedek. The author is particularly interested in the rabinic, targumic and the apocalyptic versions of these teachings. He is also focused on the well-known Qumran text 11QMelch which is often used in the clarification of the eschatological anticipations from the beginning of the Christian era. This text is also useful in a possible contextualization of the New Testament Christology, the one which is present in the Luke 4 and in the Hebrews 7 in particular.






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