Varja Nešić

Acquisition of Christlike Identity in Tragic World of Laza Kostic’s Drama Pera Segedinac

pages: 1059-1072


The present work is based on author’s effort to view the artistic creativity of Laza Kostic – in its dramatic scope and in the case of his tragedy Pera Segedinac – from a perspective of openness to aspects of theological interpretations. In fact, a mentioned script is full of parallels and anti parallels with the Holy Scripture, which were generally interpreted as reminiscences of the biblical text; this is of great interest to us because they opened many new questions about the role of Community, Cross, Martyrdom, female principle and the relationship between Man and God in the very structure of the play. Author of this paper tries to deconstruct traditional path of literary criticism and bring this controversial drama near to modern theology, as an example of the inevitable tragedy of Christian worldview, created by the most important poet of Serbian Romanticism – Laza Kostic.





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