Ivica Živković

Religious Education of the Orthodox Church

pages: 1029-1058


The identity of religious education in its realization depends on each catechist’s spiritual endeavor, as much as of his or her invocational effort to establish the appropriate relations with God and with the people, both those who have sent them and those to whom they are sent. To witness Christ, even in terms of religious education, requires the effort of overcoming the demonic persuasions and the temptations of thoughts, which is not a matter of rules and respecting an established order. It is actually a matter of the rules and the order of spiritual life, that is the component of one’s church community belonging. Those who are socialized and integrated in the order of Church should adopt certain knowledge and instructions which come from the orthodox spiritual tradition. In that sense, it is not enough for the orthodox religious teachers to be the Church ordained people. They should also be the people of the Church tradition, prayer and spirituality. They belong to Church only if their appointment for religious education is not only a testimony of their nominal affiliation but also a spiritual inspiration that will bring its fruit in their acts, words and thoughts.






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