Jovan Blagojević

David and Zadok

pages: 439-466


The author discusses the religious policy of king David. He first analyzes the historical background of David’s policy, and the crucial event that marked this period is the transportation of the Ark of Covenant to Jerusalem. The role of the elder priests in the cult reorganization is especially emphasized. Zadok is seen as a progenitor of the priesthood of Jerusalem. The attention is focused on the problem of the origin and the genealogy of Zadok, and on the critique of „Jebusite hypothesis“. The author also investigates the David’s reorganization of the priestly and levitical orders and their practices. The conclusion is that this reorganization is carried out in accordance with the Mosaic law, but with some degree of modifications which were necessary due to the changed social environment. The formation of the religious basis of the dynastic idea of king David also influenced these modifications.






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