Blagoje Pantelić

The Contemporaneity of Job’s Suffering [Interpretation of the Book of Job by S. Žižek and G. K. Chesterton]

pages: 425-438


Through the assessment of the possible actuality of Book of Job with a view of suffering of the innocent in mind, the author critically reviews the pros and cons of non-classical biblical exegesis, of which the interpretation of the Book of Job by Gilbert Keith Chesterton and Slavoj Žižek is exemplary. By using the results of contemporary philosophical research, convential forms and phrases of classical biblical exegesis are avoided. Non-classical exegesis has managed to avoid the anachronism and to find the new ways by which the biblical thought today can move, shedding light on insights and events from multiple sides, and it has even managed to ask the old questions in a new manner, as well as foreseeing the new problems. With all the benefits of such exegesis, it is not immune to common oversights that sometimes are not that harmless or negligible.




141.4 Жижек С.

141.4 Честертон Г. К.



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