Zoran Đurović

Bribe of St. Cyril of Alexandria

pages: 395-406


We are in posses of a list of bribes of courtiers in Constantinople, a catalogue of „customary gifts“ with which St. Cyril of Alexandria has corrupted illustrious men of Constantinople. It is possible that the court was so corrupt that no-one could be heard unless „presents“ were given. All the same, it’s not nice reading. Bribes to one official, to act as mediator with another official, all of it simply to do whatever business a major dignitary of the empire thought right to do. We are probably in fronte of one of the biggest corruptions that is known in the history. Only in gold, we have over 15 million Euros (about 450 kg.), but the value of material things is, unfortunately, unknown. Not a detail in this corruption scandal is neglected, and that involved the persons closest (servants) to those who made decisions. But was the Cyril’s modus operandi at that time condemned as it is today?




27-36:929 Кирило Александријски, свети


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