Varja Nešić

Conversation of Cultures as „Openness to the Other“

pages: 599-618


In present work the author explores a significant example of a memoir in Serbian Literature of the early 20th century, namely the travelogue of Isidora Sekulic’s Letters from Norway, and looks at the work as writer’s attitude towards the otherness. The otherness is a foreign (Norwegian) culture, the other is a man, the other is former me. All these manifestations of otherness in the text of travelogue clarify the underlying metaphysical and personalistic topics, such as the topic of creativity, solitude, art as asceticism, the divine, and so on. The work leads to two conclusions: on the one hand – that the concept of identity in the other (and Other) is actually a debate about the meaning of existence and on the other hand – that this identity is a fundamental basis for the existence of a culture as a social product. This work, we believe, becomes interesting as a contribution to Cultural Studies, as well as a possible guide for one serious dialogue between Serbian Theological and Literary sciences.





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