Ivica Čairović

Echternach as the first Center of Anglo–Saxon Christian Mission in Continenta l Western Europe in the 8th Century

pages: 523-534


Echternach as the center of the Anglo–Saxon mission in Friesland eventually became the center of Christianity in the territory of Western Europe, and also the center for further expansion of the Frankish authorities, in Austrasia and Neustria. Willibrord as the Anglo–Saxon missionary was imbued with Roman practice. Together with Pepin, unconsciously or consciously, he created the alliance with Rome. The mission of Echternach and protection of Frankish King of Anglo–Saxon missionaries was the first case that was recorded in history that a member of the Carolingian dynasty made contact with the Pope. The event would be the beginning of a new epoch in the history of Western Europe and the Church in the West. Boniface and his missionary – and political – service will later enhance good relations with Rome and head down the path that would be changed many former relationships and positioning on the geopolitical map of the Western Europe, but the very history of the Church in this region. The creation of the Pontifical State in Italy due to the intervention of the Franks and the creation of the Western Empire were two key points for future research, and as Wilhelm Levison says those were two points range for the replacement of old and creation of new ideas in Western European society and politics, and that the Church in Western Europe. This development certainly did not assume any Pepin, nor Willibrord, but the Willibrord’s ordination of the archbishop in Rome brought the new plans of Bishop of Rome in Western Europe.




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