Nikola Z. Popović

The Problem of the Passover in the Gospels

pages: 137-150


Old Testament Passover has always been the most important thing in Jewish service and spiritual and religious life. This holiday represents celebration and remembrance of Jewish people crossing the Red Sea, escaping from the slavery and death of Egypt, to a life of freedom in the desert. Christ’s death and resurrection was around / on Passover fulfilling its essence of being a holiday of crossing, this time from death to eternal life. Gospels are testimonies of this happening, but they give us different information about the date when Christ celebrated Passover. This article has a goal to draw attention to certain facts to help solve Passover’s problem. First, these are some general facts about the holiday of Passover, with particular reference to the problem of sloughing paschal lamb and start of the time counting. This may supplement details of Passover from Gospel, as well as trying to determine the sufferings and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and all the while emphasizing the historical character of the calendar and Passover.





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