Jovan Blagojević

Levitical Priesthood from Exodus to Joshua – Оrders and Practice –

pages: 97-120


The author discusses the Levitical priesthood from Exodus to Joshua. He first reflects on the Wellhausen’s reconstruction of the Levitical priesthood, its perception, variation and criticism. In his review of the Biblical references, the author points to the Levitical priesthood orders such as Levites, priests and the oldest priest and their role in social life and in cult practice. The cult practice was the distinctive feature of the Levites and it was crucial for their segregation in the Israel tribes, as well as for the internal segmentation within the Levitical priesthood. The author investigates the problem of the real (historical) existence of the various Levitical priesthood orders and he shows that it was viable and probably more complex than one could guess because it included the subgroup of the order: „Levite–priests“.





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