Željko Đurić

The Icon and Contemporary Visual Media

pages: 39-68


In this study the author examines the position of the icon in the contemporary world and its visual medias. Contemporary world is full of pictures, and in that kind of world the icon loses privileged position that had in the Byzantine culture. Therefore, the icon has her own place in the society, but the cultic one. Language of the icon has been used in the realizations of numerouse opponent goals. On the contrary, Church wants to defend the icon against new arrival of iconoclasm, while in the media its composite elements have been used – parts or the whole – for applying in the purpose of the manipulated influence on the environment. The world of advertisement in its dramatic way saturates the world market that requires visual news, as practical benefit is the only promoter. Message in its depth may have been used in the best movies. The development of the mass communications appears in the period of the European secularism when the Christian ethics stopped to permeates every sphere of the human life and society. Every original cultural forms, all the determined languages have absorbed in the language of advertisement. It is triumph of the cursory forms, the lowest meaning. Phenomenon of the Internet is in close connection with the iconic meaning of the human. If the human nature is iconic, than the nature depends on the determined content that are received audio- visual. In the Internet the icon is transformed into the news. Internet has a great opportunities in the transmission of the information. Internet compresses all the medias and becomes powerful mass-media.





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