Savo Denda

Person – The Basis for Theosis according to Elder Sophrony (Sakharov)

pages: 23-38


The whole secret of theosis is built on the basis of the person– hypostasis. Hypostasis is the most inner principle of God. Hypostasis is perceived by looking face to face. The person cannot be perceived from the outside. God created us after His own image, so we too are persons. The person can only be revealed to a person. There are two approaches to the issue of cognition – one is personal and the other is individualistic. The individual approach is egoistic, the hypostatical- personal is manifested through the love of the Son of God Jesus Christ towards the person. The unrepeatable is in each person and not in the aggregate of individuals. Elder Sophrony discerns the principle of hypostasis, essence and energy in God. Man can only selfrealize himself if he conforms with God. That is the task given to man when he was created. A person- hypostasis carries in itself the entire being.




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