Vukašin Milićević

Negotiat ions on Convening of the Ecumenical Council in 1367

pages: 189-226


On June 5 1367, a conference about the union of the Eastern and Western Churches was held in Constantinople. The Orthodox Church was represented by the monk Joasaph, former emperor John VI Cantacuzenus, and the Roman Catholic by Paul, titular Latin patriarch of Constantinople. The Source text about this conference, based on manuscripts from the XV and XVIII centuries, was published by John Mayendorff in 1960 (Jean Meyendorff, „Projets de Concile Oecuménique en 1367: Un dialogue inédit entre Jean Cantacuzène et le légat Paul“, Dumbarton Oaks Papers, Number Fourteen, Washington, District of Columbia, 1960, 147–177). In the present paper I offer the Serbian translation of this source text, together with some basic historical information about the religious and political context and the personalities involved, as well as some theological and historical remarks about the conclusion adopted at the conference, namely that the schism can be overcome only by a Church council, and its destiny up to the Council of Ferrara– Florence (1438–1439).





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