Aleksandar Đakovac

Letter of St. Maximus the Confessor to his Disciple Anastasius

pages: 3-16


In addition to the translation of the Letter of St. Maximus to his disciple Anastasius, the author refers to period when the document was written, analyses the question of addressee and gives the summary of the text's history. Additionally, the author gives a detailed review of the historical circumstances that preceded and followed after the writing of this text in order to give a clearer picture of the origin of this text. The author also gives a theological analysis of St. Maximus' diothelitic christological position that underlies the views the saint represents on this text. The author also analyses the late monothelitism of patriarch Peter of Constantinople. And finally, the author refers to the theological significance of this short document.




27-31 Максим Исповедник, свети (044)

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