Volume XLV (2012), Issue 1

Letter of St. Maximus the Confessor to his Disciple Anastasius [pdf]

Aleksandar Đakovac

pages: 3-16

Justification of Emphasizing National Identity and Ethnicity in the Orthodox Church [pdf]

Vladimir Vranić

pages: 17-40

Icon as the Medium of Visual Communication [pdf]

Željko Đurić

pages: 41-68

Holy Ecumenical Councils: Eighth (879–880) and Ninth (1351) [pdf]

Atanasije Jevtić

pages: 69-90

St. Jerome and the Historical Context of His Work „On Illustrious Men“ [pdf]

Radovan Pilipović

pages: 91-106

Stands of the Roman Catholic Church and Modern Science towards Galilei [pdf]

Miroslav М. Popović

pages: 107-114

Poetry that Leads to the Depths of Christian Philosophy of Life [pdf]

Čedomir Rebić

pages: 115-125

Notion and Aim of Mission of Christian Church in the East and the West (from VII to X Century) [pdf]

Ivica Čairović

pages: 127-142

What are We Doing, Talking About God? The Discipline of Theology [pdf]

The Pneumatological Dimension of the Church [pdf]

John D. Zizioulas

pages: 159-176

Christology and Triadology of St. Maximus the Confessor According to His Formula on Natures – „Christ is of Two, in Two and Two Natures“ [pdf]

Pierre Piret

translated by: Irina Radosavljević

pages: 177-184

Драго камење мудрости: 350 година од рођења Блеза Паскала (1623–1662) [pdf]

Zoran Andrić

pages: 185-187

„Проповедник“ са гитаром [pdf]

Мирко Сајловић: Милански едикт у контексту реформи III и IV века [pdf]

Ronald Verner & Gvido Baltez: Fascinantni Isus: šta zaista možemo znati o Isusu [pdf]

Jovan Blagojević

pages: 192-193

Hartmut Leppin: Justinian: Das christliche Experiment [pdf]

Zoran Andrić

pages: 194-196

John Behr: The Case against Diodore and Theodore – texts and their contexts, edited with translations and a historical and theological introduction – [pdf]

Ivica Čairović

pages: 196-198

Епископ др Јован (Пурић): Икона и духовност [pdf]

Ivica Čairović

pages: 198-201

Александра Марковић Новаков: Православна српска богословија у Призрену (1871–1890) [pdf]

Adriano Fabris: Teologija i filozofija [pdf]

Slaviša Kostić

pages: 205-207

Јелена Јабланов Максимовић (ур.): Социјално учење Католичке цркве и његови импулси за будућност: Школа за друштвено- политичко деловање као допринос Католичке цркве друштвено- политичком усавршавању [pdf]